Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thepersonality and feel of every home is seriously influenced by its relationshipwith the exterior. In the case of large residential projects, thisindoor-outdoor connection is easy to accomplish, especially if there is agarden involved.

Themost important thing to remember when designing your outdoor living space is toblend the look and feel of your home’s interior into the exterior.
Whether you are buying ahome, renovating, have a small city garden or a balcony; you should considerenhancing your outside living area. Again, it will allow you to appreciate theoutdoors; the beautiful flowers, greenery or views in a comfortablesetting. 

Alwaysdecorate your outdoor space with a casual and comfortable feel. 
Thekey to creating a good space either indoors or out -- is making surethe environment allows for relaxation and enjoyment.
Startcreating your backyard escape by surrounding yourself with items
thatreflect your personal taste.

Preparefor spontaneous entertaining with furniture that can withstand the elements,such as a teak table and a matching set of chairs or benches. 
Tocreate an impressive outdoor space, combine a variety of materials andfinishes. Commonly used materials are concrete, wood, stone, slate, steel andlacquer. Elements within the space should have geometric lines, free fromlavish decoration.

Always remember “less is more”.

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