Monday, March 12, 2012

Integrating the outdoors in, for a clean yet provocative statement.


comprehensive, general

all-embracing, assorted, dilettantish, diverse, diversified, liberal, many-sided, mingled, mixed,multifarious, multiform, selectivewide-ranging

eclectic  means selecting what seems best of various styles, methods, or ideas 

White can be simple which is the ultimate sophistication.

Today my post is a random selection of interiors that make a statement.
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or Integrating the Outdoors In.

White makes a simple statement.
The rustic beams and rustic coffee table make a statement in this white living room.
A great simple use of space that makes a bold declaration.
Simple, bold and enchanting!
The sliding barn door makes a bold statement.
A cozy (white with wood) breakfast nook makes this house a home and is interesting.

Combination of contemporary and traditional, and very sophisticate
Clean, simple yet bold!
A home library, two stories high with a view. Perfection!

When the ceilings and floors have strong character, it's best to stay white and simple.

A peaceful white bedroom oozing sophistication.

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