Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whether you want to spruce up a tired kitchen or build a new one,there are plenty of design ideas for either renovating your kitchen orimproving what you already have. 

It might seem like common sense, but the best thing youcan do before embarking on a kitchen remodel is step back and decide on youroverall style vision. Committing to a clear aesthetic will help you avoidmaking mistakes. To maintain this vision throughout your project, begin withthe end goal in mind: what is the feeling you want to evoke when you enter yourkitchen? Write down some words that express your desired look; like sleek,chic, country, industrial, urban, casual, formal, farmhouse, or eclectic. Referto this list whenever you’re making design decisions or choosing products andmaterials; this will keep you focused.
Modern European Kitchen
Country Farmhouse Kitchen

Keep in mind that pictures and feelings alone can’t dictate thestyle of your kitchen. Your home’s architecture, furnishings, and accessoriesshould relate stylistically to the kitchen for an integrated look. Finding yourstyle is an ongoing process, as you explore the options to achieve your idealkitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen

White Kitchen with a Pop of Color
You can browse websites, blogs or magazines forimages of kitchens that capture your ideal aesthetic. Create a file of all yourfavorite kitchens and study them for a common thread. If  all your pictures are quite similar;then you are on the path to defining your unique style.
Keep in mind: lighting, flooring and window treatments. (You can refer to previous posts on my blog for all).

Lighting is most important

And, remember, the kitchen is the heart of your home!
Window Treatments finish your look

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White Contemporary Eat-in Kitchen is safe
Even an apartment kitchen can be stylish
Just enough color can work
Contemporary, clean lines work
White works well in a country kitchen
Wood and stainless steel for a smaller kitchen

Large white kitchen is simple and sleek
Keep clean lines in a rustic kitchen
White and stainless steel are always contemporary
Kitchens can be multi tasking rooms

Frosted glass cabinets add flair
Light wood and white work well in a smaller kitchen


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