Friday, December 23, 2011

 Whether you are choosing an interior door or an entry door; you have much to consider. Interior doors are a bit more flexible; they emeniate the style of your home. When choosing an external door, keep in mind that it will be battling the elements. Then, of course, there are simple office doors that are all about functionality. They are also more durable, going back again to the concept that the door is built for a purpose.
Since modern homes tend to be sleeker in nature, the simple look of contemporary doors makes the spaces feel more open. Contemporary doors come in all styles, from simple wood used for front entryways to secure metal ones used on basements or panic rooms. Wood can be one solid piece, laminated craftwood, or even wooden panels. Meanwhile, metal can be the futuristic stainless steel, an old fashioned iron, or a warm copper. Don’t forget glass, which can be used in either interior or exterior doors to increase your natural lighting with decorative window design options, including frosted glass.
There are also sliding doors, which can be used either as an interior door (especially wooden sliding doors or stainless steel) or as an exterior glass door. And, of course, there are doors that combine all three elements.

Today is all about interior doors, all shapes, sizes and materials. 
(Examples of exterior doors will be tomorrow).

Wing Wall Interior Door: Gives an Open Flow

Unique Sliding Black Glass Door

Wood & Glass Sliding Doors: Clean & Simple

Modern Wood & Stainless Steel for a Sleek Addition

Sliding Wood Door Functions as a Wall

Frosted Glass or Mirrored Sliders take up very little Floor Space

Sliding Barn Door in a Modern Room is so Electic

An Industrial Space Becomes a Home

White Painted Pantry Doors with Frosted Glass

Oak Double Interior Doors both Traditional & Contemporary

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