Friday, December 23, 2011

Most of the world is cozying indoors for the holiday season. But, if you are the minority who
 live in a state where weather permits all year round outdoor entertaining, this one is for you, (the others can dream till spring & summer).

Always decorate your outdoorspace with a casual and comfortable feel. 
The key to creating a good space either indoors or out-- is making sure the environment allows for relaxation and enjoyment.
Start creating your backyard escape by surroundingyourself with items
that reflect your personal taste.
Prepare for spontaneous entertaining with furniture that canwithstand the elements, such as a teak table and a matching set of chairs orbenches. 
To create an impressive outdoor space, combine avariety of materials and finishes. Commonly used materials are concrete, wood,stone, slate, steel and lacquer. Elements within the space should havegeometric lines, free from lavish decoration.

Remember “less is more”.

A luxurious, sleek entertaining area.

Nature provides a warm environment for entertaining.
Stone flooring is optimal for outdoor entertaining.

Even a smaller patio can be sleek and comfortable.

The fabric canopy protects visitors from extreme weather and looks amazing.

Only a few can indulge in this sumptuous pool area.
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