Friday, December 23, 2011

Is it an interior door or an entry door? You havemuch more flexibility with inside doors; you needn't consider the elements. When choosing an external door, keep in mindthat it will be battling the elements.Doors are the entry to your home,the entry to a room in your home and the element that secures your privacy. 

Wetake doors forgranted, but they are an intricate part of your home design. Doorways create vital connections when open; admitting light, views, andbreezes, as well as people and pets. When closed, solid doors create privacy.Like windows, they're a key part of any wall's composition, and they're oftenfocal points. That's why architectural designers choose a door style with greatcare.
There is a demand for old exterior doorswhen a quality restoration is being undertaken, and these can be found in thestores of specialized antique dealers.
Contemporary doors are there tobe functional as well as stylish. The concept of what is considered modern design in architecturefocuses on the idea of the form following the function, that the design shouldbe based on the purpose. 

An entry that makes a modern statement.

A wooden door with clean lines for a contemporary house.

An old country door for a stone cottage.

Wood and glass make a modern statement.

A simple door for a country cottage.

A traditonal yellow door is very inviting.

An ancient door in Italy.

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