Feng Shui for a Prosperous Home Office

Friday, December 23, 2011

 The home office is a special placeof power, suitable for finding both the concentration and reflection paths toprosperity and success. Your home office is also the central place where youcreate your productivity, creativity and efficiency.
So, creating the perfecthome office is an essential secret to success to both your personal andprofessional life. Whether you utilize your home office to work from home, dofollow up correspondence from a day at the office, pay bills, make investmentsor surf the web, a well designed and organized office can be veryinspirational. Having an efficient office will allow a free flow of energyaround the space which can help your thoughts to flow. Ideally the home officeshould be free from distractions and designed in a way that is professional butstill has the comforts of home. Fortunately you have creative control over youroffice at home, so the furniture can be more comfortable and plush, you candecorate it with inspirational artwork, family photos, plants and fresh flowers.  Your home office can come with a view, an operable window, fresh air and lushlandscaping or a forest, possibly a pool view or a view of a lake or an ocean.
If you are using youroffice for artistic ventures such as writing, drafting, painting and so on,your office would be better located at the back of your home. Anything thatrequires more focus and attention to detail should be in a space that is quietfor concentration. If you are using this space for a more professional naturewhere you need to meet with clients, the office should be at the front of yourhome. Preferably there should be a window with a view of your front entryway soyou can be ready to meet clients when they come. Be sure the entryway is freeof clutter and the office space has a separate doorway if it means that peoplewill have to travel through your living space to get to it.
There are many colorschemes you can use to Feng Shui your home office. Depending on what you areusing this space for, if you are using it as a home-based business, metalelements would be good to introduce into this space. You can applymore high energy with bold and bright colors, which activate the fireelement. This will help to energize your career efforts and help you to gainrecognition and success. These colors include purple, pink, red, orange and abright yellow. Use them as accent colors and paint the rest of the room amore neutral color.
You should not sit with your backto a window, as this creates a lack of support. If you cannot alter thisarrangement, have a credenza behind you that you can place a plant on toprevent your wealth energy from escaping out the window. If your desk ispositioned directly across from a door, it is bad luck and will cause youmisfortune. The best position for your desk is to have it sitting on a diagonalfrom the doorway. You can sit facing awindow if your doorway is to your left or right. If you are sitting facing awall, try using some vibrant artwork or wall shelves with decorative objects orfamily photos on it. Your desk should not be up against a bathroom plumbingwall if you can avoid it, this is bad luck. Do not have your desk directlyunderneath an exposed beam, as this presses down on your luck and negativelyimpacts your health.

Be mindful of the quality of air and thequality of light (natural and artificial) in your home office, as these are twoof the good feng shui must-haves. 

If your brain is starving for oxygen and yourbody does not get enough natural light, you will not enjoy being in yourhome office no matter how much you love your job.

Remember: "clutter" drains your energy and dampens your best intentions,you need to create a clear system, and not let clutter ruin your health and your business.

A room with a view is ideal!

Feng Shui works in limited spaves

Keep the doorway to your left or right & lots of light

Feng Shui is about creating balance

Just a corner with good light and organization will work

Keep it simple and clutter free

If you are facing a wall, use your favorite artwork as the view
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