Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Theguest bedroom should be comfortable enough for guests to feel at ease and athome while they are in your house.

The guest bedroom can be one of themost important rooms in the house; it helps your guests form an opinion aboutyou and your style. The room can also show just how hospitable you are to yourovernight company.

The guest bedroom is often not aslarge as the master bedroom and may, in fact, be the smallest bedroom in thehouse, it is important to make sure that your design for the room doesn’t makethe room feel cramped. Keeping furniture simple and not too overpowering canhelp keep the room feeling open and large.

Arranging and decoratingyour guest bedroom can be a challenge, but by using a peaceful palette, greatlighting and simple-yet-smart storage solutions, you can meet the challengewith style and ease.

If you don't have a separate room for guests, carve a cornerout of a multipurpose room; like your home office, studio or even your familyroom. So think daybed, ‘pull out’ couch, or upscale futon. Select colors that are relaxing and gender neutral, such aswhites, earth tones, grays or even certain pastels.
This is the perfect time to read my pastposts on color palettes, window treatments, lighting and various interiorstyles. And you can always email me questions.

Creating a welcoming guest bedroom (or area) makes visitors feel welcomeand comfortable, even though they may be far from home.

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