Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Occasionally it’srefreshing to see interiors that are airy, light, and bright. While dark colorscan be exciting and dramatic, lighter colors tend to be more soothing. Oftentimes, clients request warm colors for the sake of having some richness to theirrooms. Yet, this past week I did a paint color consultation for a client’s newhome where we went with “barely there colors” – paint colors almost devoid ofanything but a hint of color.  Sometimes it’s nice to “lighten up!”
-fromMaterial Girls home design blog

Some facts about color, it is a major element of interior design, however,every individual sees color a little different, and this changes with age,mood, energy level, and surroundings. Color can vary, as it’s processeddifferently by computer monitors and cameras, as well as, your eyes and brain.Color affects your emotions and biological systems such as heart rate and brainwaves.

Color affects your moods and physiology. Wechoose colors based on their meanings in our lifestyles. Whether it’s yourliving room, bedroom, bath or kitchen, the overall color scheme will determinethe ‘feeling’ or emotions of that room.

So, as the Material Girls said, “Lighten Up”! It needn’t be white onwhite, just ‘lighter’ will lift the mood of your home and it’s occupants.

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