Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feng shui is an old Chinese practicethat can bring peace and balance to a space as well as influence the flow ofenergy. When used correctly, this tradition will help with all these things,plus, it will most likely make your room look and feel more pleasant. Smallchanges on the arrangement of the room’s furniture can improve the energyexchange and consequently, create harmony in your room and home.
It is the ancient practice of positioningoneself and one's belongings in an environment in such a way to bring goodfortune, health and well-being. 
Its' goal is to harness and balance the Chi energy (the universal life force) in your living and working environments. 
Like the positive and negative energies (yin and yang) existing in nature, every room and every home has bothpositive and negative areas. There are strengths that already exist, just asthere are weaknesses. The Feng Shui design changes that are carried out in ahouse are always meant to help enhance the weak areas and decrease Chi that istoo strong, ultimately yielding a balanced, harmonious feeling that is thecornerstone of a contented and successful life.

All the elements of a Feng Shui Living Room.
A successful room is functional, expresses your mood and exhibits a sense of harmony.

A calm, clutter free bedroom is balanced.

A traditional Living Room can be both functional and harmonious.

Even ultra modern can radiate harmony & balance.

A prosperous entry hall.

Even your home office can be situated in a harmonious position.

Even your bathroom needs balance!
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