Saturday, January 7, 2012

An Array of Light for Every Room 
Remember yesterday's post: ambient lighting, natural light, task lighting, aesthetic lighting and accent lighting. These home lighting design ideas for each room can help you think about how you can better focus the available light in your home from room to room.
For the living room, you'll want to have enough general lighting for  a larger space. This general lighting can come from one or more mainceiling fixtures, or perhaps several indirect lighting fixtures that reflectlight down from your ceiling and provide soft illumination for the entire room.
Living rooms can also have features like a fireplace, or perhaps alarge painting on the wall. Why not install some recessed ceiling lights thatare focused on these special features to highlight and bring attention to them.  (more on yesterday's blog)

In the kitchen, sufficient lighting is an absolute must, to be able tosafely cook and prepare food. Most likely a large ceiling fixture, recessed ceiling lights or track lights perhaps. But then consider installing strip lights underneath your cabinets that will clearly light up your countertops and work areas. And perhaps, your recessed lights in the ceiling can focus even more light on your sink area and range. Generally speaking, the more specific task lighting you can have in a kitchen, the better.

 Bathrooms have their own specific lighting needs, including a recessed downlight in the ceiling over your shower or tub area. Recessed ceiling light with direct units are always good. And perhaps the most common area for lighting fixtures in a bathroom is around the mirror. Here's where you want really soft and gentle lighting that leaves no facial shadows. Very often this is accomplished with lighting on each side of the mirror that contain several small wattage bulbs. 

In the bedroom a ceiling fixture or recessed ceiling lighting is very useful for illumination of the entire room. And recessed lighting on the ceiling placed on a dimmer switch can be used very effectively to set a romantic mood. But don't forget your bedside lamps for reading, a sure necessity. And you may need task lighting at your dressing table or desk.

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