Thursday, December 29, 2011

Interiordesign deals with form and function. It works by creating a pleasingenvironment through interior space manipulation and planning. You reconfigure a space 
to make it more functional and more pleasing. 

Laying out aroom design can be easy. Figuring out how far away to place objects is dependentupon your specific circumstances of the rooms use. Here are a few suggestionsto make the room more accessible to everyone. The following numbers are mostlyfor small rooms. Use your discretion and common sense.
1. Leaveabout 19" between your sofa and the coffee table.
2. 40"for chair pull back space around a dining table.
3. Busytraffic lanes should have at least 36" for people to get in and out andaround furniture. 
4. The bedrequires a space of 18-24" for changing the bedding.
Traffic throughout your home determines how much room isneeded and these numbers are just a guide to help you plan your room layout

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