Friday, December 30, 2011

Halls are pathways between livingspaces, but they can be much more than this. Instead of seeing your hallway asjust a way to get from one room to another,
 look at it as a gallery to displayall that you love.
 Displays of treasured and found items bring vibrancy to ahome. They give guests a glimpse into your life.By effectively using shelving, artwork for wall space or furniture (dependingon size of hall), you can display the objects you love most. The hallway is akey place to do this. A key to successful hall gallery display is using acommon denominator, such as color, a material, a shape, or a theme, to unifythe pieces. Grouping elements in odd-numbered groups, usually three to fivepieces, creates an eye-pleasing display. Varying the heights of the elementsadds interest. 
Display collectibles by creating small groupings on an art shelfor within shadow boxes. Choose items in the same color family to create unitywithin the display area in your hall. Whatever look you choose, don't skip overthe hallway when designing your home. It can prove to be the unexpected gem ofyour personal space.

And always remember: less is more!

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