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Monday, January 31, 2011

The small town of Hudson, NY has a great reputation among designers and antique dealers as a destination and treasure trove. Yesterday I got a chance to see for myself! Named after Henry Hudson, it is a small town, right on the Hudson river, a few miles north of Poughkeepsie, NY.
While my family skied at nearby Catamount, I grabbed my camera and walking shoes, bundled up and hit the road. Four hours of uninterrupted store hopping and town walking? Just perfect!

Although it was a snowy day I delighted in walking briskly along small streets, lined with fabulous design and gourmet stores like pearls on a string.

Truth be told I managed only a few blocks. There was so much to see and to take in, I took notes, pictures and was enchanted!
The town has an interesting charm. High design, small cafes, but also derelict Victorian beauties, lost yards and run down streets.

Of course all was only enhanced by the cold and the snow. I do like this mixture - old, new, restored and original.
Hudson on Hudson boosts the oldest functioning opera house in New York State. It's not an Opera at all but a multi- functional space, used for a wide array of performances and events. It certainly looks stately among the small townhouses around.

I quote wikipedia:
"For nearly thirty years it sat vacant, decaying and accumulating debris. When the Opera House was threatened with further decay and possible eventual demolition, local citizens banded together to save the building. In 1992, Hudson Opera House, Inc., was formed as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to restoring the building both physically and to its position as a cultural and civic center.
What great spirit!
The program looks interesting and I can feel how culture plays a major role among Hudson's citizens and visitors.

The first shop I came across in my random wanderings was Lili and Loo! Located on Warren Street, it is a small house from the outside but oh, what lies behind these doors: A multi level space with gorgeous furniture, accessories and some clothing.

After a good 30 minutes I was ready for more. Just a few steps across the street sits the Hudson SuperMarket Antiques and Art!
I wish super markets around here would carry such itms....

After this it was time for a small break at Verdigris, a tea shop, bakery cafe and inn!
Delicious to say the least!

I liked the displayed pottery by Liz Hamann.

A few more quick looks around Warren Street and I had to leave, picking up my exhausted family from their many runs....

I would love this as a studio space for me!

Below: Hudson Home!Beautiful!

Now, I will be back in Hudson,NY next Sunday, since my family is really into skiing this season! If anyone cares to join me...I will explore the rest of town!

xx Victoria

All pictures V.Zlotkowski


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