Gustavo Martinez and Mark Madden of GM Decor

Friday, January 28, 2011
Being featured in the Spanish edition of AD January 2011, Gustavo Martinez and Mark Madden, the team of GM Decor shows a wonderful home, loaded to the brim with style and an ever changing inventory...

I quote the article from AD:
"It's a typical New York pre-war apartment from 1924 on the edge of Central Park, but for Gustavo and Mark, of GM Decor, it's the expression of their personal and professional trajectory. "It's not just a Pied-a'-terre", says Gustavo."It's our office and gallery for our furniture." Of their original layout, a few things have changed. They've opened up the rooms to take advantage of the heigh ceilings; eliminated some doors and replaced others with French doors to create a classic platform so the home could go through endless reincarnations. "It has an incredible capacity for reinterpretation and adjusts to our life changes", say the owners. The pure white walls, ceilings and moldings contrast with dark stained floors to give the apartment a gallery - like atmosphere; an ideal stage where they can show their exclusive and ever changing collection of antique furniture and the paintings and photographs of emerging artists which is updated every three month. "This way we change the theme and the look but try to maintain the character and classic canvas of the apartment", says Martinez. "Our collection of furniture and objects started to grow as we traveled around the world. In particular, we dove into the Modernism Movement universe with the jewels and design from the 40s, 50s and 60s. That was how our gallery specializing in the period was born". More then a house, the home of Gustavo and Mark is a "laboratory of ideas", they say, where their prototypes live freely and where the path of their passions cross; to travel and to buy furniture with their profession as designers and antique dealers."

It sounds like a dream come true to me!
Happy weekend!


All images via AD Spain and GM Decor.


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