Saturday, December 14, 2013

Whendesigning any space always remember that the relationship of items to oneanother to form a pleasing whole creates balance

Some rooms look edgy and modern, whileothers seem coordinated and traditional;
whatever your design style; below are a few random favorites of mine. Some from Pinterest, others from projects or e-magazines or the internet, but all exude style and design sense.

Asymmetryrefers to an imbalance; a dramatic setting which heightens excitement. Symmetryis very restful and creates a soothing harmonious atmosphere to a room

The size of piecesrelative to one another and the size of the space is their scale. 
Similarly scaled pieces are more serene when used together; a nice balanceof pieces creates a harmonious atmosphere. Sometimes we use differing physicalqualities of height, depth and width throughout the room to create a dramatic or electic effect.

Refer to my previous posts for specifics:walls, doors, lighting, ceilings, neutrals, color schemes, window treatments, flooring and more...

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