Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Today, I’m focusing on apartmentbalconies, roof tops, gardens and terraces. So many of us have great designideas for homes, but apartment dwellers deserve the luxury of integrating theoutdoors “in”. Whether you live in a big city like New York or Chicago or asmaller city like Miami or anywhere in the world; apartment dwellers arewidespread.
Beach balcony in Europe.
European city roof top.
Brooklyn roof top.

The personality and feel of everyhome is seriously influenced by its relationship with the exterior. In the caseof large residential projects, this indoor-outdoor connection is easy toaccomplish, especially if there is a garden involved. But what can one do whenconfronted with a limited living space? A solution to this problem would bearranging an outdoor area that would be connected with your interior home design.Whether we are talking about a balcony, a roof top, a garden or a terrace thesepictorial examples should serve as a starting point. There are many diversearrangements, most of them suited for modern apartments, but there are someinteresting traditional designs as well.

A city garden for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

A simple yet elegant beach view balcony.

Outdoor space offers the opportunityto merge indoors and outdoors and to bridge the well-planned activities of ahome’s interior with the generally looser functional performance of yourexterior terrace, roof top, garden or balcony. Remember yesterday’s quote: “One aspect of living a sustainable lifestyle involves becomingmore connected to the natural environment…”


Lots more pictorial example below. Have any questions? email me at andrea.halleywright@gmail.com

An effortless beach view balcony.
A city balcony that extends the kitchen, perfect for a light meal or coffee.
A Zen city balcony for relaxation and enjoying the views of the park below.
New York City terrace filled with year round shrubbery and a table for morning coffee.
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