Thursday, April 19, 2012

 Interior design describes a group of various yetrelated projects that involve turning an interior space into an effective,active setting. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includesconceptual development, liaising with the stakeholders of a project and themanagement and execution of the design.

So, my posts have beenmostly about "transitional" interior home design from lighting to doors to ceilings to variousstyles. Today, I will share traditional designs for your home. The photos below represent traditional interiors with acontemporary flair.

Usually, traditionalinterior designs are typically evocative of classic European decor. Hallmarksof this style generally include deep wood tones, architectural details, andelegant furnishings. This style is quite versatile and can be combined withother interior elements to create a unique look in a room.
One of the mostimportant facets of traditional interior design is the silhouettes, also calledthe lines, of the furnishings. And, architectural embellishments are widelyused in traditional interior design. These can include elaborate moldings,beveled wood paneling, and intricate tile and wood floor patterns. Arches,columns, and built-in cabinetry are also frequent features of this type ofdesign.

Rich wood tones areanother key element in traditional interior design. Dark woods like cherry,maple, and mahogany are typically used in furniture pieces of this style. Theseare often carved and lacquered to give them a luxurious, elegant feel. Woodfloors are also considered a standard for this decor, although tile and carpetare often used as well.

Enjoy the additional pictorialsamples below and when designing your home please remember “less is more.”

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