Saturday, March 31, 2012

Today I’m sharing something a bit different. If you havebeen reading my blog for the last few months, you know that I like “transitional”interiors and exteriors best. Sometimes, minimal traditional really excites me,as does minimal contemporary but I lean toward modern , “less is more”.

Well, I received the Pottery Barn catalog today (I didn’trequest it, I prefer online everything), and there were pieces that I’d like toshare with you. Try to close your eyes and envision the rooms with less clutterbut many of the existing pieces.

So, let’s try to appreciate these photos with the understanding thatevery store tries to put way too much in every photo, (they sent it to us tobuy), but the furniture, rugs and accessories may vey well be worth viewing asindividual pieces.

And remember, viewing lots of catalogs and home design blogs will give you great ideas for your home design.

First two Bedrooms:

Just imagine this bed with all white linens and no clutter on the nightstand or walls, one interesting piece of art, please. 
This bedroom has character, great shutters and beams but too much stuff. Think white linens only and white shutters.

Living Rooms Next:

Remove the clutter on the table behind the couch, less clutter on coffee table and please not flowery pillows, in fact that couch doesn't need pillows, it's soft enough. But individually, great chairs and couch.
Love the couch and coffee table, but the walls are too too busy. And the pillows again distract from the couch.
Top right, that's a great piece! Remove the clutter and have one important  piece on it and it would work in both a traditional or contemporary living room.
Great chair and couch but not together. And again imagine this room without clutter on walls and tables.
It's hard to find a great sectional, this one has clean lines, but the coffee table is just too small and busy. And, the clutter behind the couch is distracting.

Entry Hall:

Love the entry hall, but no one would use 3 area rugs. But sisal and jute area rugs are a 'good value' alternative.
Outdoors: Whether it's a patio, deck, pool view or lake view, here are some beautiful ideas:

Great chaise lounges, would improve any deck, and an umbrella is important!
Great 'old world' buffet for outdoor entertaining, could even be used indoors. (Again, just too much clutter).
Fabulous outdoor furniture, but remove all the knick knacks and pillows 'cause it's outdoors and the weather can damage them, and it's just too busy! 
Another great outdoor couch for entertaining just imagine it without so many pillows and all the unnecessary 'stuff'. 
Love this outdoor furniture and the setting, too bad about those green glass balls and those throw pillows.
Love the chaise lounges and the pillow selection.

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