A walk in the woods

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An unusual warm "winter" afternoon made me forget all duty and beckoned me out into the woods. The dog was as happy as I and we frolicked for an hour in sunshine and under trees, seemingly ready to pop! Which is, of course wishful thinking, since February has just began.
Unlike my husband, I am all for spring....

It's a wilderness.

Along a sparkling brook.

The sky in the water, ahh!


My daughter's initial...on the ground, in the woods!

Ready for home?

We have these woods close to our neighborhood, a mere 5 minutes by car! We are so lucky, it's the closest we get to nature in a short time. 
Do you get a chance to go out there once in a while?
It is so invigorating and I always realize when I am there, how sun and wind, earth and sky make me deeply happy!
When I am in need for thinking or a little time away from it all, this gets me back to myself!

Images by V.Zlotkowski


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