Friday, February 24, 2012

It might seem like common sense, but the best thing youcan do before embarking on a kitchen remodel is step back and decide on youroverall style vision. Committing to a clear aesthetic will help you avoidmaking mistakes. To maintain this vision throughout your project, begin withthe end goal in mind: what is the feeling you want to evoke when you enter yourkitchen? Write down some words that express your desired look; like sleek,chic, country, industrial, urban, casual, formal, farmhouse, or eclectic. Referto this list whenever you’re making design decisions or choosing products andmaterials; this will keep you focused.

Today are some of my random kitchen favorites for you to use as a guide. Lots of different design styles; country, modern and contemporary.

You can also refer to my two previous posts on Kitchens with lots of detailed design ideas and many reference pictures.

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