Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decorating a home is about finding a comfortablebalance between the different furnishings in the space. This balance isachieved by placing objects with varying characteristics in places where theycompliment one another. The idea is to create relationships between yourpossessions, in order to develop a whole; which is more impressive than the sumof its parts.

Scale refers to the size of architectural featuresand furnishings within a space. With scale, finding a balance is particularlyimportant, otherwise, you will get a room that feels chaotic, and lookspeculiar.

Today, we will look at balanced rooms that include: living rooms, diningrooms, bedrooms and even the kitchen should be balanced.
And remember always: "less is more."

Sleek, modern clean lines create a balance.

Traditional but clean and balanced.
Traditional style in scale to room.
A small space is perfect for a window seat; and white always feels larger.
Simple, spacious, balanced!
Balanced use of space in this dining room.
Modern can include fun, as long as the furniture is to scale.

Clean lines make this apartment feel larger and harmonious.

Simply balancing an open space.
Even an eat-in kitchen needs balance and scaling.
A balanced bedroom is light and calm.
A balanced bedroom is low on clutter.
Keep a smaller bedroom simple to create harmony.
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