Sunday, January 22, 2012

Technology has created a work anywhere attitude. Presently, a home is not a home unless it has a home office. Whether you are turning an extra bedroom into a workspace or constructing a full scale office; offices are a regular part of your home.

 Choose a suitable space and assess your technology needsbeforehand so that your new home office is compatible with your needs.  
The optimal office setup for your business will depend upon yourpersonal and occupational needs. Many of us have limited space and willmulti task with another room, but if you have extra room; make sure the space is separate from daily household commotion, and one with a door is optimal. Either way, be able to seclude yourself.

A secluded room with a view is optimal.

Natural light and a view is always a plus.

Business with the feel of home.

Firstly, you have to choose the waythe office will “feel”. If you go for a homey environment, chances are you willnot be as concentrated on your work, as many things are likely to distract you. If you choose a very professional decorating style, then what is thepurpose of having it inside your home. You need a balance!

Business as usual but at home.
  There are many colorschemes you can use for a powerful home office. Depending on what you are usingthis space for, if you are using it as a home-based business, then metal or glass elements would be good to introduce into this space. You can applymore high energy with bold and bright colors, which activate the fire element.This will help to energize your career efforts. These colors include purple, green, red, orange or brightyellow. Use them as accent colors and paint the rest of the room a more neutralcolor. (Refer to my 3 previous posts on color).

Just an accent of color to make things bolder.
White always works, anywhere.
Grey tones down the white.
Good task lighting isessential, as well as natural lighting (whenever possible) and overhead. (Refer to my post onlighting for more ideas). And, your floors should be easy to clean and durable.(Refer to my previous post of flooring).

Natural light always lifts the spirit and mind.
Task lighting plus natural light from window panel is perfect.
Homey yet simple, with all the right elements.
For optimal concentrationtry to keep clutter to
 a minimum.

Great corner office space, well planned.

A room divider with built-ins is a brilliant solution.
Built-ins help to keep your space clutter free.
There's always space somewhere in your home, be creative.

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