Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You'll be spending a lot of time in the nursery (sometimes inthe middle of the night) so make sure it's soothing, stimulating, happy, andorganized.

From the moment you bring yourprecious infant home, his or her (or their) room will become a special placefor you and your child. Even if you keep your baby in your bedroom at night forthe first few settling-in months, you'll probably use the baby's room forchanging diapers, naps and other everyday tasks. 

In addition to a crib that meetsmodern safety standards, you'll want a comfortable easy chair or rocking chairto coddle you while you cuddle your little one. If you are nursing or just wanta little extra support for your back, be sure to include a footstool that's acomfortable height for you.

You may think that any sturdy chest,dresser, or table can be used as a changing table, but the safest solution is aconventional changing table with a built-in low rail around the perimeter ofthe changing pad. If you use a closed storage unit, you'll want to pick onethat you can open with one hand (most wide drawers require even pressure on twopulls). Once you've got the crib, comfy chair, changing table, and optionalextra bed in place, the rest is child's play.

If your taste tends toward the livelyand modern, a baby's room in white with either pastel or primary accent colorsshould be just right.
Just about any color scheme can work, but it's usuallybest to keep colors on the light side. 

Remember, a nursery can be simply designed by choosing aneutral color, like white, ivory or any soft shade, for the base of the room.From there you simply add furniture and accessories that can be changed as your child grows.

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