Saturday, January 21, 2012

Get creative with your ceilings!
Gone are the days when preference wasgiven to only white plain ceilings; with some cool and trendy ceiling design ideas you can transformyour ceilings. High and soaring ceilings can make your room look even morespacious while lower ceilings can give a sophisticated and cozy look.

Wood beams add interest.
White ceilings add sophistication to this space.

Whether your ceilings are tall,vaulted, cathedral or low blend them into your home design.

High ceilings are popular because theylend a sense of space and openness to your rooms, but one problem is how vaulted and cathedral ceilings can seem toswallow everything else in the room, making the room feel smaller incomparison. A way to avoiding this design conondrum is to emphasize theopulence and drama of the ceiling while maintaining a relationship with theroom below; using architectural features to play up the room's height, whilebringing the interest of the room to eye level.

Lighting should always be considered inthe initial design process. Lighting can a be used to lift your eye from thefloor to the ceiling, creating drama to that great architectural ceiling.(refer to my 2 previous posts on lighting).

With a high ceiling situation, consider addingwooden beams, coffered ceilings, beadboard, cabling, artwork, faux finish,wallpaper, contrast colors, gypsum or a variety of woods. With low ceilings or ordinary ceilings, consider a contemporarytray style, creative cut-outs, recessed lighting or a dividing beam, to becomea compelling space rich in dimension.

Square skylight cut outs.
Wood panel insert.
Coffered ceilings in white.

Most importantly, you need to define the styleand feeling you wish to accomplish, then select the appropriate feature. Thereal key is emphasizing the space while considering the viewpoint, literallyand figuratively, of the occupants below.

Modern light wood paneled ceilings.

Traditional style with bold contrast ceiling.

Hign ceilings with molding works in a traditional style room.
Lots More Ideas!

Beamed ceilings in this country home.

Coffered ceilings are very traditional.
Gypsum ceilings to add interest.
Attractive moulding with contrast color.
Faux paint your ceiling!
White wood paneling on your ceiling is clean and modern.

Rustic wood ceiling in a cottage or country home.
Retro metal ceiling.
Wood paneled cathedral ceiling.
Appear to drop your ceiling with layers.
White industrial look ceiling with wood paneling
Wooden beams painted white for a lighter feel.

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