Mellow yellow

Monday, November 21, 2011
For whatever reason I have lately an infatuation with yellow. I have actually never really liked the color on me or near me. But as many things change in life my love for yellow has emerged. Of course, yellow rooms have been around for the longest time, evoking light and sunshine and warmth. Nancy Lancaster's London yellow drawing room comes to my mind, a classic and often repeated design among the countless admirers.


A wonderful Lancaster inspired living room


I have found Jan Showers use of yellow quite admirable. The soft toned yellows feel more relaxing to the eye and less exciting.

These yellows do not scream, but rather create elegant, happy backdrops for our busy lives.

The last one perhaps does not really qualify for a yellow room, but the overall feeling for me is yellow, rather then neutral.

Some Farrow & Ball wallpapers I love:

Farrow & Ball's Brockhampton Star

Farrow & Ball's Ranlagh papers

Farrow & Ball's Vermicelli papers

Have a happy, sunny week!

All images as indicated and via Jan Showers website.


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