Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Today I realized that a hacker has moved into my e-mail accounts and has send ridiculous mails to all my contacts!
So, if you have received any strange looking (viagra related) mail from my e-mail, please be advised it was not send by me. 
I apologize for any upset ....
: (

On a happier note:
Over the last weekend my husband and I travelled to Savannah,GA to celebrate our anniversary.
It was wonderful and there is nothing so invigorating for a marriage as a few days alone together.....
Filled with great walks and talks, food and drinks, perfectly grown up entertainment....ahhhh!
The picture above was taken by me in a in an amazing house, about which I will tell you more tomorrow. It was a discovery of sorts, perfectly fitting for Savannah! 

Image by V. Zlotkowski


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