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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ottauquechee River, here in Woodstock!

Having been in Vermont for a couple of days, I am in love again!
I feel the atmosphere, the wonderful mix of landscape, winter sports, the pride of local food, locality, artists and craftsman, the alternative to the lifestyle I experience every day at home.
Time runs slower here, people seem to have more of it, there is time for listening and talking and time for quiet contemplation.

There are so many beautiful houses, immaculately kept. In small towns, villages and in the mountains.

I have spoken to many people around here: A man making furniture from branches.

And Elaine Beckwith, a gallery owner from the small village of Jamaica,VT with an absolute wonderful art collection...Thanks Elaine for introducing me to all these artists!

Painting by Ingrid Fromel Buckley.

Paintings by Jack Broderick.

Portrait by Hariett Wiseman. Interior painting by Ingrid Fromel Buckley.

Still Life by Jerry Caron.
I was blown away by the treasures in Elaine's collection. You can read her blog here!

Grocery store Vermont style...
I found again so much to look at and always feel the Vermonter's keen sense for environment, nature and history.

The name "Vermont" is derived from the French, les monts verts, "the green mountains." When peace was made with the French in 1760, the Green Mountains were quickly opened to settlement. In 1791, Vermont was the first state added to the US Union.
We have finally decided to come back here in summer time...
Into the green mountains!

Well, there is so much more I want to show you, I guess another post is in order soon!

xx Victoria

All pictures taken by V.Zlotkowski. Copyright 2011.


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