Bubbly chandelier

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A few years back we bought some bubble lights for our chandelier at Captiva Island. We spent a few times there over the holidays and after visiting the Bubble Room - a quirky and very entertaining dining spot on the island, we fell for the old fashioned fun! The place is whimsically decorated year round for Christmas -yes - one of those....but the children were considerably younger at the time and yet they still remember!
Adjacent to the restaurant is a small shack, selling everything decorative for holiday fun, from masks to ornaments, wigs to toys!
Since then we pull out those bubble lights every year and our dining room transforms! Having painted the old thing red a few years back, they fit in perfectly!

If you like them, go here!

We love the effect, and we need candles at every meal now, since it's much darker suddenly...it only adds to the festive party atmosphere! Do you have some quirky decorations you want to share with me?

Happy weekend!


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