Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whether you're looking forelegant draperies, roman shades, wooden blinds or a simple swath of fabric,there are modern window treatment ideas that will complement every room in yourhome. Today I am adding additional information and pictures to my post on windowtreatments from December 19, 2011.

Aluminium blinds with sheer drapes.

Interior window shutters are a timeless option toenhance any room. Shutters have become increasingly popular, as they canquickly change the appearance of your surroundings, and complement any type ofdécor. There are so many types to choice from: plantation shutters, woodshutters, faux wood shutters, composite shutters and many more.

White faux wood shutters for a traditional or contemporary large room.
Dark stained wood shutters for a modern decor.
Stained wood shutters for a traditional room.
Composite shutters in a light stain for a bright contemporary room.

Fabric shades, known as roman shades (or roman blinds) are easily recognizable, known not only for theirfunctionality, but also for their aesthetic design. They can add style and eleganceto any home.

A simple, contemporary approach on roman shades. 
3/4 sheer roman shades in kitchen is a unique modern approach.
A traditional approach on roman shades.
Sheer roman shades for a lighter textured look.

The classics never go out of style, like pleated shades, which flatterany shape window from standard window dimensions to arches, angles andskylights.

Simple white pleated shades work in any room.
 Roller blinds are very modern, they now come inflat panels of fabric or vinyl. These shades have an extensive fabric selectionthat makes it easy to coordinate with any decor, while the broad range of sizesmakes it possible to fit even the largest of windows.

Sheer woven roller blinds.
Bamboo blinds that pull but don't roll, for a contemporary textured look
 And then there are always draperies, which Iprefer simple and modern. And my favorite window treatment is either wood or precious metal blinds for a clean yet stylish look in any room. Interior window treatments are the finishing touch onany well designed space with so many choices for so many budgets.

Gray duck cloth drapes with woven shades under for light control.
Aluminum mini blinds for a modern decor.
Wood wide blinds for a contemporary or modern space. 
Simple white duck cloth drapes for a contemporary space.
Light wood narrow blinds for a minimal decor.

There are so many to choice from, I could go on forever. So, if you have any questions feel free to contact me at Join my blog for lots more posts or visit my facebook page for more ideas and pictures.
Piourette window shades.


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