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Tuesday, November 16, 2010
A few clicks and I am in dream land. My travels take me to far lands, distant shores or just around the corner. I browse web sites and online magazines and I have spend hours at night checking out all my blog friends. There are many things I love to learn about in this big world, which is my lifelong university. I find books and pictures, poems and artwork.
In random order I take you around the places which made into my favorite list...
There is CocoCozy, her blog is elegant and full of beautiful pictures. At the time when I worked on my kitchen improvements some of the kitchens on her blog made me swoon.

And this view is just ahhhh...

Then there is Marissa from Roost
Her pre - holiday decorations made me smile.

And have you ever dreamed about staying in one of the locales which make a movie a success?
At Efford House you certainly could.
Featured in 'Sense and Sensibility', Efford House is a beautiful country house, set in its own grounds bordered by mature woodlands. With wide views across the higher reaches of the River Erme the garden reaches down to the edge of the estuary. (Quote from the website..)

I am a movie lover and to read about sets, stars and stories is a passion of mine. And at CinemaStyle I find all that.
Do you remember?

When I first laid eyes on Emilia's blog I couldn't help but notice many shared design sensibilities...she picks what I am picking! And yet, different!
I love those colors!

I discovered this little treasure box a few weeks ago: Maison 24! Great for the little extras in life....

A lovely discovery was Nina from the Netherlands! Her blog is so happy! She has a wonderful childlike attitude and creates beautiful china!

This lovely site makes me want to travel to England again...Royal Apothic I love beautiful scents at home.

And when I read about My dog eared pages my fondness for all things printed was alerted and I found another blog of delights. She has an unfailing eye for all things pretty!

I could go on so much longer, but I know there are many more blogs waiting to be read, right? So, alas, for now that's it. If you would like I'll take you on another tour next time. I have travel destinations, Etsy destinations and many lovely things for the holidays in my virtual store!


Pictures all from mentioned blogs and sites!


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